BIG fornyer partnerskapet med SkinBaron

The German eSports organization BIG has announced the extension of its partnership with skin trading platform SkinBaron, a game item trading platform for CS:GO only. The parties will reportedly work together for at least another two years, while SkinBaron will continue to be featured in club content and squad jerseys.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the renewal of our partnership with SkinBaron for another two years. SkinBaron has been our partner for a long time and we have a particularly deep connection with them. Tobias Herberhold, their CEO, used to coach our world number one CS:GO team and will continue to support us with SkinBaron. It's something special and we're honored to partner with one of the world's leading skin markets.

Daniel Finkler, BIG CEO

The two brands first partnered in November 2019, and since then, BIG has used the SkinBaron brand on their jerseys and content released by the organization. Interestingly, Tobias Herberhold, co-founder of SkinBaron, previously served as head coach of BIG from 2019 to 2021.

We are very pleased to continue our cooperation with BIG. The past years have been marked by great success and we are looking forward to the next years. Thanks to my past as a trainer at BIG, there has been a special bond between SkinBaron and BIG ever since and we are confident that we will celebrate further success together in the future!

Tobias Herberhold, co-founder of SkinBaron

Currently, the German organization BIG is also partnering with Coinbase, die Bayerische, Volvic, Backforce, OMEN and Streamcoi. Most recently, BIG announced a partnership agreement with the Turkish company UNLTD.