En ny serie med PUBG -turneringer for Europa har blitt annonsert

KRAFTON has announced the launch of a new PUBG esports tournament series for teams from Europe (including Africa and the Middle East). The track, called PUBG EMEA Championship, will be a series of online tournaments where partner teams will be invited.

Earlier, PUBG developers announced a new tournament series PUBG Americas Series for players from North and Latin America. The overall series structure for America is strongly reminiscent of the PUBG EMEA Championship.

The first tournament of the season, PEC: Spring, kicks off with open qualifiers for Europe (March 1-5) and the Middle East (March 2-5). The top fourteen teams from the open qualifiers will advance to the playoffs, where they will be joined by eight partner teams and two Protality Season 6 EMEA Wildcard winners. The PEC: Spring playoffs will take place from March 9 to 12.

The culmination of the first split is the grand final of PEC: Spring, which will be held March 24-26. Here, the sixteen best teams from the playoff stage will fight for the title of champion. Also in the PEC: Spring Grand Finals, the teams will compete for a prize pool of $100,000, PGC qualifying points and two tickets to the April PUBG Global Series 1 LAN tournament.

List of partners of the PUBG EMEA Championship series:

The competitive season in PUBG EMEA Championship will be divided into two stages. Throughout the season, teams will earn PGC points and the top six teams in the region will advance to the PGC. In addition, third-party Wildcard tournaments will be held throughout the year, giving the best teams a chance to qualify for the main series.