Organisasjonen TENSTAR stenger dørene

British esports organization TENSTAR has announced the suspension of all its operations, effectively ceasing operations. Just two and a half years after its founding, the club cited big funding problems and the instability of the disciplines where it had played over the past years.

TENSTAR has achieved significant success over the past two years. A challenger organization with a destroyer mindset. While the club had a strong first twelve months, the previous eleven had been incredibly difficult. While the players, support staff and wider team have been outstanding, the reality of running an esports club that competes at the highest level requires significant resources.

TENSTAR held numerous and thorough conversations with various investment partners, and also explored the possibility of attracting investments. Although plans are still in the works, the situation is not moving fast enough. Most of these discussions require final ROI predictions, which are difficult to create and harder to prove in our two core disciplines, Rainbow Six and VALORANT. Unfortunately, we cannot provide this level of investment and have not been able to do so over the past twelve months. This means that we often had to transfer our best people to other organizations.

We are in arrears with some of the players and staff we are currently working on. This will take time, although it currently makes sense to avoid additional costs while we do so. We will return when we have more opportunities to support our teams and staff. Too many thanks to even begin, but to every player who moved to TENSTAR, every coach/analyst and every member of the back office team. We thank you and wish you every success in your next chapters.

The TENSTAR organization appeared at the end of 2020. During this time, the British club has assembled rosters for VALORANT, Rainbow Six and, most recently, CS:GO. However, the current conditions do not allow the organization to continue its development. As emphasized in TENSTAR, the club will return to eSports as soon as it becomes possible to maintain squads and players.

Note that the club joins an extensive list of other esports organizations that have closed their doors over the past year. These include ORDER, eUnited, cowana Gaming, Team Finest and Sector One. In addition, according to numerous rumors, the North American club The Guard may leave the stage.