Riot Games har inngått samarbeid med GRID Esports for å lansere en ny portal for å samle inn spilldata fra VALORANT

Riot Games has partnered with data collection company GRID Esports to announce the launch of a new esports portal called VALORANT Data Portal (VDP), which will specialize in collecting game data for VALORANT. The service will reportedly be available to all 30 VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) partner teams and allow them to extract data from matches played.

We're excited to be working with GRID Esports to create the future of esports data for the VALORANT Champions Tour. As a partner, GRID Esports is fully aligned with our data accessibility goals and the core values of Riot Games. The VALORANT Data Portal is the first step in our shared vision of how we make official VALORANT data more accessible, starting with our professional teams.

Jon Knauss, Head of Competitive Data Programs for Esports at Riot Games

According to Riot Games, a key part of the partnership with GRID Esports is to provide the community with an official source of reliable data for VALORANT. In addition, Riot Games is partnering with agencies to monitor all official matches for potential integrity risks as part of a comprehensive effort to ensure a level playing field for all teams.

It is reported that the data is completely protected, while access to personal information is carried out through a secure API or user interface.

Interestingly, the announcement of the creation of the VALORANT Data Portal follows a two-year partnership between the parties entered into by GRID Esports and Riot Games last March. As part of the deal, GRID Esports was tasked with using the data to create "innovative experiences" and distribute data resources across global and regional tournaments.