Astralis forlater Rainbow Six og sier farvel til troppen

The Danish eSports organization Astralis has announced its retirement from the Rainbow Six discipline and said goodbye to its former roster. Recall that the club has been on the scene since September 2021, but has now decided to withdraw from the game due to the lack of prospects for future development.

We entered Rainbow Six and the North American League with high ambitions and the best of intentions, and our US organization has done everything in human power to fulfill those ambitions. However, despite the selfless and extremely loyal efforts of all participants, development and the lack of prospects in the league, unfortunately, do not allow us to continue.

The team and organization have achieved amazing results while working hard to expand our fan base and our digital platforms. It was truly amazing to feel the passion for the game among the fans and all involved, and we turned everything upside down to find a way to continue working. This includes an open and constructive dialogue with Ubisoft, in which all parties have looked at possible ways forward.

We appreciate all the efforts made, but unfortunately, we have not found a solution where we can continue to work while meeting our obligations and standards regarding working conditions for our staff and players. Thank you to everyone who made our time at Rainbow Six something truly special, including management, staff, volunteers, participants and fans. It was an amazing run!

Anders Hersholt, CEO of Astralis

The Astralis organization has assembled its first discipline roster in the fall of 2021. During this time, the team became the champions of the North American League 2022 - Stage 1 and North American League 2022 - Stage 2, reached the final of the Six Charlotte Major 2022, and also took fourth place in the Six Invitational 2023.

However, in light of the growing uncertainty, many esports clubs are forced to leave the discipline. In particular, PSG eSports, FURIA, Gaimin Gladiators, TSM, XSET, 00NATION, Luminosity Gaming, and Beastcoast have recently taken a similar path.

It is reported that the former Astralis roster will continue to perform together under the APE tag and will be looking for a new organization.

Astralis' latest Rainbow Six roster: