Ubisoft avslørte arenaer for majors og Six Invitational neste sesong

Ubisoft has officially unveiled its plans for the development of the Rainbow Six competitive scene for the 2023 season. In particular, the organizers have approved the countries that will host both majors, as well as the final Six Invitational 2024.

Both Rainbow Six majors in 2023 will be organized by the BLAST tournament operator. The first Major of the season will take place in May in Copenhagen, Denmark. In turn, the second Major of the season will take place in November in the United States of America.

Six Invitational 2024 is scheduled for the beginning of 2024 - the championship will officially take place in Brazil. This will be the first time that a tournament of this magnitude has been held outside of Canada, France or Sweden.

The next competitive season in Rainbow Six starts on March 6th. Specific details of the upcoming season, including the schedule of championships and the names of partners, will be announced later.

Recall that at the end of last year, BLAST and the developer Ubisoft officially introduced a new competitive track in the Rainbow Six discipline. The competitive ecosystem will consist of two phases; one of them will take place from March to May, followed by an off-season period in the summer months from June to August. The second stage will begin in September and end in November. The next off-season break will end in February before the start of the Six Invitational.

The competitive season will run from March to February next year and will be structured as follows: