Dota 2 la til hint til Muerta

On the night of March 4, Dota 2 added the item Mercy & Grace, referring to Muerta. To get it, you need to complete the mini-game.

A video with the passage of the mini-game was published by a Reddit user with the nickname ITookUrBacon. The authenticity of the record has not been confirmed, however, according to the video, the player needs to create a lobby with bots, enter the command “dota_muerta_max_plages 1”, buy the Forebearer's Fortune item and use it.

In the comments to the post, many users complained about the inability to start a mini-event. Perhaps this is due to the style of the interface that the author of the video used - Reef Edge Terrain. It is possible that the task works only with him.

After completing a short quest, the player will receive a Mercy & Grace item. This item has an active ability, Dead Shot, which summons a ghostly bullet that deals 300 damage and slows by 100% for 0.5 seconds. In addition, the charge ricochets, dealing damage to all units through which it passes, and so on until it hits the next hero.

Muerta added to Dota 2. Photo 1

Apparently, the above item refers to one of Muerta's abilities. In any case, apparently Valve is preparing the release of Muerta already on the 6th, with the release of a big patch.